A quick iPhone video shot early this morning (May1, 2020).

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Ballard Streets empty. Place of former morning coffee crowds and busy breakfast joints. All quiet now.


Everything changed. I notice it most when we take our morning walks. Only a few parked cars and an occasional walker.


At first, I enjoyed the quiet. The roar of traffic gone. Produce and meat trucks absent. No business being done.


Now my thoughts flirt with a darker view. How long is it going to be? Who’s going to brave the coffee shop or the boutique when we know death lurks there? The republican President urges us to return to what was. Return to what? To sickness and death?


Clearly what once was, is now gone. Gone maybe forever.


Ballard will change. Retail will adapt. People will find new ways to use these broad streets and unused store fronts. Maybe we can find a better way forward. One that doesn’t require covering our beautiful earth with asphalt and concrete.