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“HEARTLINE” (Password: heart) 9.45 min
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“Le Luminarie” 11.45 min
“Dominic Benhura” 15.14 min
“Basilwizi Trailer” 9.57 min

Publications I’ve either written for or been written about:

2019    “African Generation: The Power of Design” Hicham Lahlou, Mugendi M’rithaa Langages du Sud, Casablanca, Morocco

2017    “Reimagining the Script” Chimurenga Chronic, vol 4, Cape Town, RSA

2016    “Afrikan Alphabets”  OGOJII Design magazine, Issue 6, Johannesburg, RSA

2013    “Cultural value of Graphic Design” Sustainable Thinking, Aaris Sherin, Bloomsbury, US/UK

2011    “The True Size of Afrika” Eye magazine UK, vol 78 Winter

2010    “Afrikan Alphabets” 50 years of African In-Dependence” AfricAvenir, Berlin, Germany

2009    Etapes Graphiques magazine, Paris, France, August

2009    Novum Design Magazine : Editor “Afrika Issue” Munich, Germany, July 

2008    AREA 2, Curator: Phaidon UK

2006    “Harare’s Unsung Type Heroes” Eye magazine UK, vol 15, Spring

2005    SocialDesignZine vol 1, Andrea Rauch & Gianni Sinni, Lcdedizioni, Rome, Italy

2004    Afrikan Alphabets, Mark Batty Publisher, NY

2004    Radical Type Design, Teal Triggs, Collins Design UK

2004    World Graphic Design, Geoffrey Caban, Merrel UK 

2003    Typography in Afrika, essay: Language, Culture, Type,  Graphis Books, USA

2001    Etapes Graphiques magazine, #72, Paris, France, April

1999    “Afrikan Design” DRUK, Fontshop magazine, Number 1, Netherlands, Summer

1999    “Saki Mafundikwa & ZIVA” U&lc, NYC, Fall


This one’s not mine, but it’s one you may enjoy:


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